Not all recording studios are right for all projects

Ready to put your stage performance in the studio?

     Mossy Rock Recording is the studio for (but not limited to) bands that are ready to capture their stage sound in a more isolated environment for better seperation of elements.

Is this the right studio for your project?

     Some studios are better suited for music writing and creation in the studio. Mossy Rock Recording studios is more suited for the artist(s) whom bring the written creation with them. 

     Mossy Rock Recording studio's space consists of 3 soundproofed rooms w/ built-in isolation booth for vocals and amps. One room is a dedicated drum room w/ risor. The drum room alone uses 10-12 mics. 5 pc Sonar kit available to use if wanted/needed.

     Mossy Rock Recording has a growing collection of various percussion instruments as well as guitars, amps, pedals, bass rig and other things available to use for your project. 

Why come here?

     Aside from the gear, affordable rates and the physical space, Mossy Rock has the relaxed, laid back atmosphere needed for inspiring the best possible performance. Our goal is to help you realize your goal.